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Avoriaz has long since been recognised as an crucial hub to the history and development of snowboarding in Europe. The Avoriaz History Project tells the pioneering story of the evolution of France’s first snowpark in Avoriaz.

The film explores how the early legends of the scene gave rise to a new generation of snowboarders, the world’s first natural snowpark and a multi-million euro tourism industry. Featuring interviews with pro snowboarders of the era Nico Droz, Peter Line and Eddie Wall.

Using a mix of 1980s and ‘90s footage self captured by the riders the film tells the story of how the sheer determination of a unique group of friends literally shapes a park and creates it’s own snowboarding scene recognized throughout the world.

The resort has continued to inspire creative ideas, such as the Burton Stash and now is home to a whooping 6 snowparks! Long may this continue!

Great work from Reel Fun Media, lets hope they manage to get funding needed to finish this fascinating archive project.




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Mint Snowboard School is running a special Snowboard Camp for Local Kids this spring!  


It’s been a longtime dream of Tammy Esten, Founder and Director, of Mint Snowboard School, to get local kids snowboarding. And this spring, during the local school holidays, Mint Snowboard School are taking a giant leap towards realising that dream.


On April 13th 2015 Mint is going to be running a week long snowboard camp dedicated to local kids!

For children aged 3 years and up, the snowboard camp is open to all ages and levels from first slide, first turns, to confident cruisers or those wanting to progress their freestyle.


The goal has always been to bring the mini-shred movement to local kids” said Tammy from Mint HQ this week “and last winter mini-shred really took off after our Mint Mini-shred video went viral on YouTube



But the dream wasn’t just to get little ones onto snowboards. Its was about making snowboarding accessible to all local kids, of all ages. Mint Snowboard School wants to give local kids the option to snowboarding, instead of skiing, by setting up a local kids snowboard club to develop a pool of minty local talent! The Spring Local Kids Snowboard Camp is the start of that local kids Movement!


Week Plan: Starting Monday 13th April 2015

Monday & Tuesday – two hours a day

Wednesday – mini-break

Thursday – two hours

Friday – two hour lesson, then an open session where parents can join the kids to see what we’ve been up to all week.

Important Info

Cost: 150€ for the week

Group size: max 6, min 4 (with max group size of 4 for the littler ones (with added help from trainee instructors))

Lesson Time: 14.15 – 16.15 hrs, when the snow is softer and easier

Levels: All level groups running. From first slide mini-shred (3 – 6 yrs), to those who have had an intro to snowboarding already, confident cruisers and freestyle rippers.

Goodie Bag: for all participants


So if the above sounds of interest and you want to get your kids involved in The Mint Local Kids Snowboard Movement, then please get in touch.

We’d like to know the following:

» Name of your child

» Age

» As much info as possible on their previous snowboard experience (how many times have they given it a go, are they turning yet, if so on what types of slopes etc)


Come join the Mint Local Kids Movement this spring!


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Do you live in the south of England and have kids aged 3 to 6 years itching to get on a snowboard?

The Burton Riglet Park is heading towards its final stop for this year at the London Ski and Snowboard show. This is the perfect chance for kids to experience snowboarding before the winter.

Riglet sessions can be pre-booked here – this is highly recommended as there will be very few walk on spots

The Burton Riglet Park is especially built for kids aged three to six years old and is designed to give them a taste of snowboarding in a fun and easy environment. There will be instructors on hand to help pull kids in the right direction and on average it takes 15 – 20 minutes for them to complete the experience and even win their own Riglet Park Medal!

Most importantly participation is FREE!


If you are looking for mini-shred snowboard lessons out in resort then join us in Morzine, Avoriaz & Les Gets, France. Mint Snowboard School offers kids snowboard lessons from age 3 and up, both as kids group courses and private lessons. We also offer specialised mini-shred snowboard holidays in Morzine perfect for getting your kids snowboarding. Check here for further info on the Mint mini-shred kids snowboard lessons & holidays and check out our video guide to mini-shred below…

Come and say hello… stop by our stand (B4 in the Drop Inn zone) at the show!




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You might have already heard that the Burton Stash in Avoriaz is being enlarged for winter 2014/15, but here are all the details! Improvements include:

> A new banked slalom course in the middle

> A new strip at the bottom end of the Foret des Lindarets with 4 brand new features

> A new spruce tree protection program with the instalation of around 20 tripods to protect isolated saplings

Check the new map below to help you find your way through the bigger, better Stash in Avoriaz.


The Stash was voted the world’s best ski run in 2014 by CNN, in recognition of an initiative by Burton Snowboards which is still unique in Europe. Now boasting more than 80 features made of wood and snow, the Stash has become one of Europe’s top riding destinations, for blth snowboarders and skiers.Check out some photos from the work in progress…
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We are stoked to reveal that the Portes du Soleil is investing in two new ski lifts for winter 2014/15, creating a better link between Morzine and Avoriaz. Both the Proclou and the Seraussaix chairlifts are being replaced to create faster connections in the Super Morzine area. This is great continuation on from the replacement of the Prodain cable car and then the Pleney bubble lift in the last 2 years.

The Proclou and Seraussaix chairlifts have long been a bottleneck as they receive a lot of traffic from the commute of slope users staying in Morzine but skiing in Avoriaz. These chairlifts also service some of the excellent beginner level slopes in Avoriaz, and are thus frequented by many ski schools, as well as, of course, giving access to the Chapelle snowpark & Stash. It looks like laps of the Chapelle snowpark from now on will be speedy via the new chairlift, rather than waiting in the queue for the plateau button lift.

Not only will the new high speed chairs get you up the hill quicker, but the placement of the top of the new Seraussaix chairlift means that there will nolonger be an annoying push along the top to get back to Super Morzine. The top of the Seraussaix will be slightly higher along the Super Morzine ridge meaning that it is a short, downhill track (rather than long flat) to access the Super Morzine slopes. Great news for us snowboarders in particular!

Along with the ski lift modernisation they have also felled a lot of trees to widen the bottom of the Proclou piste, meaning it can take more traffic.

Check out our photos below to see the progress on the work so far…




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To celebrate the upcoming winter season and the fact that we have set the dates for our busy snowboard course schedule for winter 2014/15, we are offering a DISCOUNTED RATE IF YOU GET BOOKED IN EARLY. Book by the end of August 2014 to get a reduced rate, see the individual course for details of the offer.

The Mint Snowboard Courses are the best way to progress your riding to the next level and give you a totally unique, fun focused coaching experience. Full days  are spent with one of our top level snowboard coaches ripping up the slopes of the Portes du Soleil showing & sharing how much fun can be had on a snowboard.

A unique range of courses are offered to provide a snowboard camp to suit everyone… whether your aims are to develop a strong riding style all over the mountain, ride epic backcountry lines or learn new tricks in the park. Check out the dates and get booked & paid up by end of August for the discounted rates!

*NEW* Beginners Snowboard Camp
15th – 19th December 2014

Shred Progression Intermediate
15th – 19th December 2014
5th – 9th January 2015

Shred Progression Advanced Camp
15th – 19th December 2014
5th – 9th January 2015

Freestyle Camp
19th – 23rd January 2015

Backcountry Snowboard Camp
12th – 16th January 2015

*NEW* Mixed Splitboard & Backcountry Course
16th – 20th March 2015


Join us for a fun & progressive week of getting totally amped on snowboarding!


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It’s 10th July and here in Morzine we have just had 4 days of non-stop rain and its been cold. This is very unusual for a summer in the French Alps, as normaly we would expect long periods of high pressure at this time, bringing endless sunny days and temperatures in the mid to high 20s. Instead we woke to the sight of snow in Avoriaz this morning! Is this the first snow of winter 2014/15?! Surely not!

We are forecast a few more days of rain and then back to glorious sun next week, phew! But in the meantime, a trip to one of the glacier resorts for some summer snowboarding could be in order!

Here are some photos from Avoriaz in the snow this morning and followed by webcam photos from other resorts in the French Alps, including Tignes, Les Deux Alps, Val Thorens & Meribel.



Snow on the glacier in Les Deux Alpes, which is currently open for summer snowboarding…


Tignes in the snow which is also set for summer snowboarding on the Grande Motte glacier….


Next is Val Thorens…


And finally the summit of Tougnete in Méribel.

 All this snow making you start thinking about a snowboard holiday for winter 2014/15? Why not join us on one of our snowboard camps in Morzine & Avoriaz!

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It seems that spring has sprung here in the Portes Du Soleil meaning we are really living up to the name!  Don’t worry there is more snow on the cards but whilst the beautiful bluebird days are here we should make the most of them!

Here are a few little pointers to make sure you get out on the slopes, snowboard every day but stay safe!

  • Many people think that because there is snow our risk of getting sunburnt is not as high, well have we got news for you!  The lovely snow reflects the sun between 70 and 90% depending on how new the snow is.  This means it’s really important that we use sunscreen as not only are we getting the UV rays from above but then it is reflecting back up at us from below!  If you want to find out what the UV Index for the day is  the you can check here for Avoriaz, Morzine, and Les Gets.

  • We all love the clean and clear mountain air making us feel fresh and alive, but did you know that because of the altitude we are at in the mountains and the clear air we are exposed to even more UV rays.
  • We always advise drinking lots of water when you are going out snowboarding as it’s really easy to become dehydrated which affects you in all kinds of ways (read our blog on nutrition for more information on this!) but it stands to reason that when it’s sunny and warm and you are being active you will really need to replace the fluids your body is losing!  Keep hydrated and it means you can shred all day long in the sunshine!
  • Just like by the beach or in the towns, the UV rays from the sun are strongest between 10am and 4pm.  Now this is likely to be your prime shredding time so make sure you either cover up or use a good sun screen that you can reapply throughout the day.

  • Finally, the UV Rays also affect your peepers! Did you know your eyes can get sunburnt too?  Yes that’s right, take all those rays from above and reflected rays from below, minus some good goggles or sunglasses and you can actually sunburn the front surface of your eyes.  If you have young children it is even more important to protect their eyes as they will be more vulnerable to the UV Rays.

So, we hope that has given you some food for thought as to why you should have a high factor, good quality sun cream and some good eye protection!  Now get out there and enjoy the amazing snow in the sunshine!





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So, with the winter olympics in Sochi drawing to a close we have seen a renewed interest in the freestyle element of snowboarding here at Mint.  This is awesome news as people want to try something new and progress but aside from recommending proper instruction we thought it would be a good idea to give you guys some insight into some rules when it comes to freestyle terrain, to keep yourself and others around you safe!

First up we will focus on the half pipe.  Unfortunately we don’t all have a pipe to ride to ourselves or someone standing at the top announcing our run so keeping everyone riding and safe is what’s important and we all have a part to play.  Take a look at how you can keep the half pipe and yourself safe!


It’s really tempting when you see the pipe to just head straight on over there and throw yourself down it and it should absolutely be open for everyone to try, Shaun White had to start somewhere!  But!  We definitely recommend wearing a helmet when you ride the half pipe. In fact most half pipes will make this mandatory and you will know this by the sign just before you get to the pipe.

This chap is shocked you would even consider not wearing one in the Half Pipe!

Start Small

There are many ways to get into the pipe and if there is a smaller option and it’s your first time, we recommend you start small and work your way up to the bigger pipe.

Avoriaz recently added a smaller pipe just next to the Super pipe and it’s been really popular!

Be aware of what is going on – Dropping In!

There are many points you can enter or ‘drop in’ to the pipe and no matter where you are planning on starting from you need to make sure you look around you and see who is where and who looks like the might be ready to go.  In addition to this it’s important to let people know if you are intending to go.  There is an internationally recognised little code for this!  Half pipes have 2 sides to drop in from and you can also ride in from the ground level. You will notice if you hang around to watch for a while that normally one side goes and then lets the other side go and so on and so forth.  The signal to let someone know you are planning to drop in is simply putting your hand in the air and shouting ‘drop in,dropping in or next’, the person on the other side will acknowledge you and you know it’s safe to go.  If you are down on the ground level, join in!

It is well worth remembering to do this as you can pick up quite a bit of speed in the pipe and you do not want to meet someone coming the other way!

Here’s a little pipe diagram!!


Gauge your speed – Leave Space!

Get a good idea of how fast you are going in comparison to other people.  If you are quite slow then you can drop in around 2 hits into some else’s run and you won’t catch them up.  If you have someone slower than you in front then make sure you give them a good chance to get at least half way down the pipe before you go, you don’t want to catch them up!  It freaks them out, makes you slow your run and can be dangerous.

Rush hour…



We all fall at some point and it’s part of learning!  If you do fall, and are not hurt, gather up anything you may have lost and ride out of the pipe.  If you are winded and people are shouting to you, you can indicate you are ok by giving a ‘thumbs up’, if you are not ok and can signal or shout then let people know and they will come to you to help and make people aware they can not enter the pipe.  Sometimes this is not always possible so the best bet is, if you are ok, then get up and move out of the pipe.

So, to round up!





Riding the half pipe is super fun and fast paced, keep your wits about you and get involved!!  

Pipe Dragon in action….


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Monday 3rd March 2014 to Friday 7th March 2014 – €495

Mint Snowboarding have been providing coaching in Morzine & Avoriaz in the Portes du Soleil for the past 8 years.  With instructors qualified to the highest international level, a dedicated snowboard only school and a desire to bring the best coaching possible to all that come through Mints doors it seems only fair to offer a coaching solution to the UK’s up and coming shredders in preparation for The Brits in Tignes, March 2014.

The Portes du Soleil offers some of the best snowparks in France. Avoriaz alone is home to 5 different snowparks, including the Burton stash and two halfpipes (one of which is a superpipe).  Elsewhere in Les Portes du Soleil is the renowned Super Park in Les Crozets and then the Nike sponsored park in Chatel, so the options are endless.

The Coaching

The week will consist of training in all freestyle disciplines but with special focus on slopestyle and halfpipe as well as general snowboarding technique to aid progression in the freestyle elements.

Prior to the camp we will discuss with all athletes their particular goals and what they would like to achieve from the week. This will enable us to structure to the coaching towards helping them achieve their goals.  Our group sizes are very small with a maximum of 6 per coach meaning we can tailor our coaching to meet each individuals needs.

The coaching will be on a daily basis for 5 hours per day and will aim to prepare the kids for the competition out in Tignes, whilst making sure they remember what snowboarding is all about… FUN!

With Mint, Fun and Progression are guaranteed.


Accommodation and Coaching Deals

Book your accommodation with Riders Refuge, Morzine at a reduced price of £399 (normally £499) including breakfast, evening meal & airport transfers and receive €40 off the camp price.

Please note that lift passes, flights & personal insurance are not included in the price.

For more information please get in touch at or call +33 (0)6 80 77 66 09.

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